Creative Agritourism for Entrepreneurs


Project no: 2020-1-RO01-KA227-ADU-095210


The situation generated by covid-19 will mean the loss of millions of direct jobs in the tourism sector, which is why our project aims to be an alternative to this problem.
Project objectives
Project objectives
The main objective of our project is to provide an effective tool that enhances the creativity of the individual, making it capable of finding solutions to a situation as complex as the one that currently exists with the Covid-19 and tackle the main problems of tourism in rural areas
Focus on the
Focus on the "IDEA"
“Creatours” focuses on the creating process of ideas, using analysis of trends and entrepreneurs experiences in tourism sector, adapting the methodology to agritourism for entrepreneurs
Outcome & Results
Outcome & Results
The project consortium will develop a training system for workers and counsellors in the agro-tourism sector to develop creativity, analysing the different types of creativity and proposing activities and exercises for its acquisition.

Project partners