Outcomes & Results

The project consortium will develop a training system for workers and counsellors in the agro-tourism sector to develop creativity, analysing the different types of creativity and proposing activities and exercises for its acquisition. This set of tools will have a theoretical part and a practical part to work on creativity.
The partnership will develop games on an online platform in order to work and acquire different types of creativity.
The platform will have innovative design because it act as a tool for teaching older people to use modern technologies and prevent electronic exclusion of older people. The platform create the chance for beneficiaries to develop new competences to develop various skills in management to acquire and encourage creativity. Younger generation, using the modern tools will get easier skills that will allow you to be more creative and have creative ideas that allow you to increase your entrepreneurial potential, which is the main objective of our CREATOURS project
The consortium will gather a set of case studies showing strategies and decisions made in companies to improve creativity ideas and experiences in the context of COVID-19. This output will be a collection of 20 in best practice examples (case studies), with audiovisual interviews to managers, entrepreneurs or worker in agritourism who have successfully implemented (or are implementing in the present) the creativity skills depicted in IO1, giving details about the introduction, obstacles, difficulties, results, consequences of those Creativity skills by solving their problem and finding solutions to the current situation of covid-19

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